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MMR is a creative advertising agency with full-service capabilities. We’re a tight-knit team of strategic, creative, digital, data and video experts based in Melbourne Australia but ready to service the globe.

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By developing solid relationships with our clients, we regard ourselves as an extension of their business, nurturing mutual growth.


Saying you’re different is easy. Who doesn’t like to think they’re just a little bit special and different from the rest? Proving it is the hard part. Luckily it’s something we enjoy. We’re happy to put our money where our mouth is and take on any challenge.


Experience counts. It’s taught us patience so that instead of diving straight in and hitting our head on the bottom we think about you, your brand, your customers and your goals.


Our in-house team is curious, passionate and take pride in the work they create. When we need them, our network of best-in-class suppliers is also on call to help.
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Social Media
Marketing Campaigns
Public Relations
Concept Development Copy writing
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Graphic Design
Creative Concepts
Print & Packaging
Video Production
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Lead online

Digital Experiences
Electronic Collateral
Display Advertising
Data Cleanse
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You don’t build a house without a foundation, or a car without the chassis. Nor do you produce any form of creative communications without proper planning, structure and execution. No matter the type or size of your project, our strategic thinking combines a killer idea with considered planning to deliver on your ultimate objectives and knock your KPIs out of the water.

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We create and bring brands to life. When your brand evokes emotion, triggers a deeply personal response, is memorable and a distinct and relevant voice in a world of noise – you have built a brand that is communicating successfully. Finding your brand’s reason for being underpins its story, its personality and the way that it looks. Let us help you find your followers, meet your niche market, talk to an audience who wants to listen to your brand.

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We love creating something out of nothing. A blank piece of paper is a creative’s best friend. Our design team’s magic tricks can bring any idea to life no matter how big or small. It’s one thing to have an idea, but another thing to execute it into an effective and appealing solution. We’re experts in visual language and understand the tone of a font, the emotion of a colour, and the story that can be told without saying a word.

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The digital arena moves so fast it’s hard to keep up! Our in-house digital experts make it their business to know how it all works and how to give your brand cut through online. We know how to get your message in the hands of your audience, harness the potential of your brand’s big data and deliver an engaging digital experience that sparks a two-way conversation.

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Customised content. Innovative animation. New levels of viewer interaction. So many fun tools to play with. We take our work seriously, but we still get excited by the endless posibilities. Exciting things are happening in the digital video space and MMR are riding the wave of innovation. Whether you are looking to create a custom immersive or interactive video for your brand, or tantilising your audience by making them the star of their own personalised video, we can show you what’s possible.

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