Digital Marketing solutions to help your business grow

Digital marketing can help generate business growth and a more substantial online presence. Implementing some of the tactics from this article can help to build sales and revenue streams for your company.

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Digital Marketing solutions that help your business grow

Digital Marketing


In today’s day and age, the power of technology has significantly advanced. Some business owners implemented digital marketing efforts, advancing their businesses to thrive, succeed and grow. Other business owners feel overwhelmed and are struggling digitally day-to-day. 

Below are a few digital marketing solutions that should be investigated/updated and executed, to help businesses thrive. Take your business digitally and shout it from the rooftops! Why? Because digital marketing helps to increase sales and awareness around your brand. 


Firstly as 2020 has been an extremely unpredicted year, here are some key factors impacting your business:
  • The COVID-19 outbreak is causing economic disruption in countless industries. Some industries include; retail, property, education, international supply chains and tourism.
  • Digital marketing is on the rise! “54% of social browsers use social media to research products” – HubSpot
  • Communication and keeping your customers informed helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s nearly 7 times less expensive to retain an existing customer than to gain a new one – Neil Patel


With these critical elements in mind, we’ve outlined a few simple yet effective online marketing methods. 

Digital marketing can help generate business growth and a more substantial online presence. Implementing some of the below marketing tactics can help to build sales and revenue streams for your company. It can help to keep your business afloat and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.



Your Digital Footprint - Websites & Website Development

Does your business have a digital footprint? I hope so! Your website might be the first point of communication between you and your potential customer.

Websites are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world! In saying that, is your website something, you’re proud of and happy with? 


Society is moving towards a more digital world day by day. It is essential to keep your website up-to-date, so your business or your customers aren’t left behind.

Your website is thereto; 

  • Share product knowledge, 
  • Maintain communication between you and prospect customers, 
  • Help sell your product, 
  • Generate leads and create conversations, 
  • Increase the awareness around your business and its products/services, 
  • Help prospects find your business via engine searches and analytics.

Okay, so you’re happy with your website, and it is completely up-to-date..

But have you completed a keyword research or checked if it’s multiple device compatible? According to Sweor 2020, “85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website”. Consider doing an Online health check for your website to pin-point the areas of weakness.

Website development should be a crucial part of your marketing plan because everyday screen time and mobile searches are frequently increasing.


Although the process of website development may seem complicated and overwhelming, it is well worth it in the end! If you don’t have the tools to create/update/redesign/redevelop your website, we’d be happy to help!



Social Media Marketing Strategy

The term ‘strategy’ often frightens people away, it’s confronting, as it forces people to think about the future. 

It’s also about decision making, which can potentially defer possibilities and opportunities that may have presented themselves in the future.

A social media marketing strategy is about defining what topics are relevant to your customers and will engage with their interests. Once these topics are identified, a schedule will be put in place to organise organic posts with appropriate and replaceable content. 

The key to a social media marketing strategy is to start small and let big things grow. Once you begin to develop the bones of your social media strategy, you should consider the following questions:

  • What goals am I trying to achieve? 
  • Are the topics reaching my target audience? 
  • What are my competitors doing?
  • Is my content engaging?
  • Am I using the right platforms?” 

With all these questions circling, your social media marketing strategy will expand and further develop.

54% of social browsers are using social media platforms to research products. Knowing this information marketing digitally can significantly increase your consumer reach and brand strategy. Social browsers are actively looking for content that includes product tips, inspiration and education.


Digital Marketing Social Media


Paid social ads are a great way to reach prospective customers who haven’t found your business or product yet. Paid ads such as Facebook campaigns and Google ads are the perfect ways to target your ideal demographic or buyer persona. 

Read more information about inbound marketing strategy and buyer personas.

You don’t build a house without a foundation, or a car without the chassis. Nor do you produce any form of creative communications without proper planning, structure and execution. Let MMR help assist you with your campaign and social media management.



Google Advertising

Did you know, approximately 75% of people never scroll past the first page on google?
When searching for your business, can you find it easily without putting in your exact business name?

If not, google advertisements can definitely increase your presence. They will help grow your business by generating clicks, search results, recommendations and SEO (search engine optimisation). 

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that falls under a marketing channel known as pay-per-click (PPC), where you (the advertiser) pays per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad” Hubspot

Google Ads is the world’s largest and most common online advertising platform because it can increase your audience by millions.

Seems complex? Well lucky for you it isn’t! Google Ads offers a wide range of formatting options and spaces for you to advertise your business. For example, just to name a few, there are: 

  • Text-only ads
  • Static or interactive ads
  • Responsive ads – fit into any available space as they automatically adjust and resize
  • Product shopping ads
  • Video ads

And the list goes on.


Google Ads are a simple everyday digital business solution that will help your business grow and increase ROI (return on investment). If you need help advertising on google, we know a few experts!



EDM Marketing & DataCleanse

EDM Marketing is known as electronic direct mail marketing. It involves building an email database of current and potential customers and directly sending them email communication. The communication message can consist of various things such as sales promotions, company updates or newsletters. 

According to Statista 2020, there are currently over 4 billion email users in the world. Although technology is evolving, fortunately, emails remain relentless and are here to stay. 


Email marketing is a simple way to reach multiple devices (mobile devices and computers), an effective way to keep customers informed. With EDM’s, the possibilities are endless. They drive online sales and in-store sales, are easily customised and can integrate into other marketing opportunities.

Segmented target markets can often cause a hindrance across marketing campaigns; however, email marketing easily combats this. Email marketing platforms have the function to duplicate email templates, therefore allowing different content without building a whole new campaign. 

Email marketing campaigns that use Segmented databases improve overall open and click-through rates. This is because you’re targeting a specific segment of your audience with consistent messaging that resonates with them. MailChimp reported they receive approximately 14% more opens and about 64.5% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns.

Email marketing is a popular tool as it pushes your recipients to take action. For example; an email will sit in a recipient’s inbox until it’s opened, filed away or deleted. Email marketing campaigns are used for a variety of communications including; sale promotion, company newsletters, and to drive traffic to web pages.

The most significant advantage of email marketing campaigns is it allows you to collect and track data and are inexpensive. Keep your brand front of mind by ensuring maximum exposure that is costly and informative. 

Brand and businesses regularly communicating with their audience via email direct marketing and mail outs. For these to be effective, clean data is imperative to reach higher numbers of your targeted audience. To enable desired email marketing results, you need to have clean data. A DataCleanse will fix this.


A DataCleanse is a process that updates your current database by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete or duplicated. To entice customers to respond, DataCleanses are carried out through an interactive email campaign.

Can we help with updating your data? 



How Do Landing Pages Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

To many people’s surprise, landing pages are a huge advantage if they are being executed correctly. Landing pages can benefit a company’s conversion path, as they are another avenue to generate additional leads. 

Landing pages are usually created as a part of a campaign. They are especially useful when the content is well-targeted and sent to specific segments of a database. 

To create a successful landing page, think about the role it plays in your conversion path. Remember, landing pages permit targeting a specific audience and converting a percentage of your visitors to leads; while also offering your prospect clients something of value. As a bonus, it also enables you to capture prospect data and information.


digital marketing strategy


Landing pages can be highly effective because they work unknowingly. It’s essential to remember, landing pages are individual pages with a single goal. They are meant for the sole purpose of receiving campaign traffic from the click-throughs from your ads/campaign. 

It’s a simple as:

  • You own a floristry and use necessary marketing skills including blogging and free consultations
  • Rosie (a prospect customer) is wanting to purchase flowers for a friend. Before purchasing flowers, she does some research on ‘types of flowers and their meaning’.
  • As a result, this search links Rosie to a blog post you’ve written.
  • On this particular page is a call-to-action (CTA) regarding a free consultation or discount code for your floristry services.
  • To receive a free consultation or discount code, Rosie needs to sign up, therefore, providing her contact information, converting her from a prospect to a lead! 

Correctly using landing pages and the power of marketing can help drive more traffic and sales towards your business. Click here for a detailed explanation.



Video Is King - The Truth About Video Marketing

The popularity of videos is continually growing because it’s a highly effective and engaging form of content. Video posts generate at least 59% more engagement than other post types (Exalted Digital, 2020).

Video content creates higher engagement rates because it’s relatable, easily accessible and entertaining. Any online video is better than no video, don’t be afraid just to start. Your video quality will improve overtime as you gain more experience. There are plenty of free and paid programs out there to help create engaging video content promptly.

Digital Marketing Video content


Below are a few key reasons why creating video content can help boost your business success. Videos can:

  • Be informing and educating  
  • Improve your SEO and brand image, because they are high-quality content
  • Be used to provide a point of difference – they help businesses stay competitive in their marketplace. 
  • Give you the advantage of being able to get personal and intimate with real-life content.
  • Help to boost conversion rates – 90% of consumers say a video will help encourage a purchasing decision – Social Media Today

Video marketing provides an excellent opportunity to create content with many messaging goals which can be displayed across all platforms. Let us know if you need help achieving this! 



Importance of Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are more often than not at the end of our fingertips, so are you using it?

When properly applied, assessing data analytics can provide significant growth to your business and its revenues. Tracking analytics from online activity is crucial because it enables you to understand what content is creating engagement. From this data, you should be merely optimising your marketing communication to reflect what efforts are performing and what aren’t.


Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have insights and analytics reports within their platform. The above social media platforms provide detailed reports that are incredibly beneficial to your business and its online profile. SEO is another indicator of understanding what communication is resonating with your visitors and what is gaining the most interaction.


 Digital Marketing - Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are the keys to success. Implementing a website/website developments, a social media strategy, google ads, EDM marketing, a landing page and/or video content is only the start. To exploit those opportunities, you need to learn from your mistakes and understand what is working and what isn’t. You can easily optimise your business marketing strategies and efforts by merely reporting and analysing your current data. 



Blog posts, advertisements, keywords, campaigns, SMS marketing - the list goes on!

Today’s business environment is ever-changing and to sustain growth and remain profitable involves hard work, innovative thinking and commitment. Digital marketing and presence of social media are rapidly increasing; businesses must maintain a digital channels, therefore a digital footprint. 


Above we’ve suggested a few key marketing opportunities to help the success of your business and its digital presence. An efficient marketing plan will help these suggestions to be implemented/updated; however, the more digital presence your brand has, the stronger it will become.

Let’s start the discussion and see where it takes us.

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