A Useful Overview of Agency Services

Services vary from agency to agency.   Each agency often has its suite of services available and has unique areas they specialise in. Let’s explore the standard agency services to help you maximise your marketing efforts.    Design Concepts  The initial look and feel of a project is the most crucial part of the design … Continued

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A Useful Overview of Agency Services

Services vary from agency to agency.


Each agency often has its suite of services available and has unique areas they specialise in.

Let’s explore the standard agency services to help you maximise your marketing efforts. 


Design Concepts 

The initial look and feel of a project is the most crucial part of the design because of the knock-on effect. Design concepts are about developing a strong foundation for the ongoing look of your brand that will last for years to come and will be well known by the world.

When agencies start working on something with a completely new look and feel, they usually include some design concepts in the project scope. The concepts usually consist of some visual examples of different ideas of how the project or brand could look like. The client can then pick their favourite version to proceed with.

It is not mandatory to include multiple concepts; however, agencies offer them to ensure they create a design that reflects the brief and meets what the client wants. The approved creative idea then becomes the framework for the overall design, creating cohesion across assets.


Design and print

Print design includes the preparation of small to large print assets and project management of the whole print and sometimes installation process.

Designing for print methods often requires different specifications such as colour formatting (PMS or CMYK), bleed and trim marks and the document setup (reflecting images per press impression for example how many flyers can fit on a single sheet). That’s right; we look after all of this, so you don’t have too!


Brand and Logo Development

Your brand is more significant than just a logo; it’s your organisation’s biggest asset. It underpins your business’ story, mission, and it’s personality. Use it to set you apart from others and create a genuine and lasting connection with your customers.

Agencies love to help with creating brands. Use them for their knowledge as they can advise on current trends and what is the best look for your industry.



Copywriting is the art of storytelling, while cleverly convincing your prospective client of the need for your business’s product/service. It’s about understanding the best way to communicate with your audience. A good copy considers how to talk to your clients on their level, and how to relate to them, all while staying on brand. 

If you need to create the content for your new project and make sure it has the right tone of voice, we have good news for you. Copywriting is definitely in the list of the standard agency services, and most agencies can help you with that.


Marketing and Strategy

As the word strategy indicates, this is where it gets brainy, and the specialists are sharing their extensive knowledge. Whether you are just after some advice and ideas for how to proceed, or if you would like for someone to take it off your hands thoroughly, your friendly neighbourhood agency is there to help.

The two services, marketing and strategy, have a vast list of subcategories within them. They include services such as social media marketing, brand strategy, campaigning strategy, target market development, website UX/UI planning, communication strategies; the list is ever-growing. 

The purpose of marketing and strategy is to help determine the overall direction of your company and the goals it wants/needs to achieve through marketing opportunities. 


Advertising and Media

You will find not all agencies provide this service. If they do you will have the option for them to execute the whole campaign (create the ad and run/manage them), otherwise you can always share the workload and provide artwork or assist in the managing process. 

It is genuinely split into three categories, design, media buying and media management. Ad placement can vary from OOH (Out Of Home) spaces to print and social media ads.

With a deep understanding of consumer behaviours and the demographics of each advertising space, agencies can help you connect your marketing collateral with your desired audience. 

Agency services

Digital Agency Services 

The demand for digital marketing is forever on the rise, and it is invaluable for your business. 

It is the easiest way to reach a global audience while having access to track the impact you’re creating.

Most agencies are fully capable of assisting with any digital request. Flip-books, app development, complex online calculators, EDM campaigns, blogs, etc…and if it is something that does not exist yet, they can probably help create it.


Website Development

Your website might be the first point of communication between you and your potential customer.

Websites are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. They are essential to any company.

Agencies have digital experts who live and breathe web development and coding. They make it their business to know how it all works, how it fits together, and how to help your brand cut through online.

The developers are a part of the team and are fully capable of helping out with any website-related requests. If you are unsure how to start, ask your local agency for a website briefing form, this will start the process and help you outline the complexity of your request.


SEO and online health audits and reporting

You already have a website, but it’s not the huge success you intended it to be? Let an agency have a look. They have the tools to get detailed analytics and let you know precisely what is working, what is not working and how to move forward.

Learn more about the benefits of an online health check.


Click on the link If you’d like to know more about working with agencies.


Adding to this, here are a couple of agency services that are not so generic, but that we can help you with at MMR:



eBrochures are MMR’s advanced version of flipbook/ebooks. While mimicking the page-flipping of a real magazine, we have also incorporated; incredible animation features, self-hosting, multiple distribution methods and security features all while fully-integrated with the power of Google Analytics right under the hood.

eBrochures are a robust, media-rich digital solution that is customised for your audience and guaranteed to deliver measurable results.



Livebook is an innovative solution, and the first of its kind. 

Livebook has been designed to transform large publications into mobile-friendly, easy to update, interactive online documents – that are print-friendly and downloadable as a PDF!


Communication to your audience (data) is essential; therefore, a DataCleanse is imperative. A DataCleanse is a process which updates your current database by removing or modifying data that is incorrect, incomplete or duplicated via an interactive campaign.

A data cleanse provides endless possibilities with multiple features—the most cost-effective way to gather accurate information and engage more with your audience. 

Your database might be the underlying problem for your low conversation rates. Do you have dirty data? Contact us to gain a competitive advantage with clean data.


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